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Our Story

In December 2000, Life was born on the streets of Durban – South Africa. Life is created by South African streetwear designer André Martin. His clothing reflects his attitude and approach to his beginnings and life in general – that you can challenge and change what you know and make something awesome out of it.

We come from the street – our brand was born there, we understand it. Our roots run through the city, through the street corners and skateparks, to the taxi stops and corner shops.

What started as a small line mainly of T-shirts grew organically and began to gain visibility in South Africa. Inspired by South African street culture and design, André Martin expanded the line to bottoms, tops, and outerwear. While the brand developed into a Durban institution, Life established itself throughout South Africa as a brand known for its quality, style, and authenticity.

Life is in the details. We rise above our beginnings daily, but we also celebrate and revel in them. We do not want you to wear our clothes because they are different, or make a statement, or are original, or because they speak to you. We want you to wear them because they are you…Just like they are us.